Dr. Jacques Nicolas was born in the northern region of Haiti in Cap-Haitian. While there he completed his education up to high school. After high school, his plan was always to go and become a doctor, but God had a different plan for his life. One day he was sleeping and had a vision that he was at the top of a mountain, with a large crowd of people in front of him. One of the people said listen, I will make you like King David in the evangelical world. When God wants you to do something, even when that’s not your mind set, sometimes God will create the opportunities to make it happen. Without even fully preparing he was admitted into a theology program in Haiti. Dr. Nicolas went on to complete his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology in Haiti. After receiving his Bachelors he spent 10 years working as the pastor of a missionary Baptist Church.  He later moved to the United States in 1997 to further his education in theology. In 2004 he graduated with his Doctorate degree in Theology. The original plan was to finish the Doctorate program and return to Haiti and continue in the Lord’s work. In the year 2000, while completing his education, Dr. Nicolas was approached by a small prayer group of five people that asked him the start a church for them. He initially said no, as we was planning on returning to Haiti.

One night as he was sleeping, received a vision from God telling him to start the church in south Florida and that’s what he did. In a short time the church grew to over 700 members. It was all in God plans.

Dr. Nicolas is married to Francoise Nicolas and has 3 children Farell, Linzie and Rowley.

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